Wiraya Solutions AB

Permission based SMS and Calls

We help our clients deliver permission based SMS and Call services to their customers, members or users. You´ve received a Call and/or SMS message via us because one of our clients told us that you gave them permission to contact you via this services. This might have been because:

  • You are currently a customer of the company
  • You have subscribed to some information service from the company
  • You have bought a product or service from them in the last year
If you don't want to receive SMS or Calls from them, please contact the company and let them know that you want to unsubscribe from further information via this media.

If you have not given the company permission to contact you, please contact us at support@wiraya.com and we will investigate this further.


Wiraya offers Communication Automation, a unique service for management of automated Calls and SMS. We offer our clients the most tailored and reliable service in the market. Wiraya is currently collaborating with leading businesses in both the public and private sector.

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